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Flap wheel on Mini-Max

Shaft Mounted Abrasive products to suit Mini-Max Multi-Function Grinder

Mini Cartridge Rolls Mini Spiral Bands
Mop or Flap Wheels Flap wheels Mixed or Kombi
Fleece Wheels Wire Wheels
Felt polishing points Pencil wire brush
Cutting discs Mini-fix Klett Velcro discs

Flap wheels to suit MINI-MAX© multifunction Grinder:


All flap wheels and other abrasives with shaft 6mm standard. High quality products for professional applications and results!

Compare the quality of our original products with the cheap imitations - you will never look back !

Flap wheels - Shaft mounted Abrasives (all with 6mm shaft)

Picture / Dim. Description Application Dia. Grits Part-No.
Cartridge Roll Set

Mini Cartridge Roll Set

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Ideal for jobs on internal edges and grooves. Full kit with various grits and diameters. 12 different sizes and shapes, complete with mandrel shaft 6mm. - - 10005
Spiral bands & spiral band holder
Mini-Spiral Bands and Rubber Drums

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For removal of deep scratches, scale or weld seams on metal. Far less rework is required as a result of using the timesaving longitudinal grinding technique - along the grain.
Premium Zirconia Quality.

30 x 30 mm 40
60 10216
80 10218
150 10219
45 x 30 mm 40
60 10226
80 10228
150 10229
Expansion Drums
Self-expanding rubber drum to suit spiral bands. The spiral bands are simply pushed over the drum and held securely in place by the centrifugal force.
30 x 30 mm - 10201
45 x 30 mm - 10202
Mini Flap Wheels
Mini Flap Wheels

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For cleaning, derusting and longitudinal finishing work.

40 x 10 mm 40
60 11060
80 11080
100 11100
60 x 30 mm 40
60 11061
80 11081
100 11101
Kombi Wheels
Mini Mix Kombi Wheels

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Nylon Fleece combined flap wheels with abrasive strips for matt finishing, satin finishing and removing light scratches and handling marks on all metals.

40 x 20 mm 80
150 14150
240 14240
60 x 30 mm 80 14081
150 14151
240 14241
Mini Fleece
Mini Fleece

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Elastic nylon fleece flap wheels impregnated with abrasives - for a top class finish. Ideal for decorative and satin finishes.

40 x 20 mm coarse
medium 13002
fine 13003
60 x 30 mm coarse 13011
medium 13012
fine 13013
Mini Felt Points
Mini Cotton Ring
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Impregnated cotton ring for mirror polishing particularly on aluminium and other non-ferrous metals, using polishing compound and cream.

100 x 10 mm max.
4000 rpm
Mini Mirror Ring Made of a new special fibre with a particularly soft texture. They produce a high gloss without glazing (similar to chrome plating) on stainless steel and non-ferrous metals when combined with our polishing compound and cream 100 x 10 mm max.
4000 rpm
Mandrel Mandrel to suit Cotton & Mirror Ring Shaft 6mm   10017
Mini Felt Points
Mini Felt Points

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Felt polishing bobs or polishing points, for mirror finishing on small surfaces, using Abrasive products polishing compound.

30 x 35 mm cylindrical 10020
20 x 25 mm round 10021
Mini Wire Brush

Mini Wire Brush

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Stainless steel wire brush, for rust-removal, deburring, roughening and cleaning metal and other surfaces. 60 x 10 mm - 10019
Mini Pencil Wire Brush

Mini Pencil Wire Brush

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Stainless steel pencil wire brush, ideal for cleaning, and descaling in corners or right angles. 10 x 100 mm - 10023
Mini Zip Cutting Disc

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Miniature cutting discs Dia. 75mm, 1.8 mm thick, ideal for cutting small sections or a tight radius in stainless steel or mild steel. 75 x 1.8 x 9.5 mm - 10204
Mini Zip Mandrel Mini Zip
Mandrel / adapter to suit Mini Zip cutting disc Shaft 6 mm - 10241
Mini Zip wheel guard Mini Zip wheel guard Stainless steel Wheel Guard to suit MINI-MAX machine     10242

More speciality shaft mounted abrasives:
MINI-Fix Quick-change discs system MINI-Fix Abrasives with Velcro Hook & Loop system
Refined fast-swap velcro disc system with 100% perfect rotation due to a central locking pin. Our product range includes:
- Mini-Fix Flap discs
- Mini-Fix Cleaning discs
- Mini-Fix Felt polishing discs
- Mini-Mix Kombi Wheels
- Mini-Fix foamed Fleece surface conditioning discs
The perfect multifunctional tool to run your shaft-mounted abrasives:
Mini-Max© - Versatile multi-functional grinder and polisher


Mini-Max© - Versatile multifunctional grinder and polisher with four applications:

Longitudinal grinder/polisher, Flexible Shaft grinder,Mini Angle Grinder, Mini-Cutter.

Indispensable for fine grinding work, for grinding small parts and in awkward spots. Longitudinal grinding, mini circular grinding/polishing, cutting and grinding with a flexible shaft - all with just one tool !

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