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Mini Max
Mini-Max© Cordless - Versatile multi-functional grinder and polisher
Mini-Max© Accu 28V - can be used continuously for 10-15 minutes on one charge. The basic set includes a charger, two 28V, 3.0AH Lithium-Ion batteries. Versatile multifunctional grinder and polisher with four applications

> Longitudinal grinder/polisher
> Flexible Shaft grinder
> Mini-Angle Grinder
> Mini-Cutter
Mini Max Cordless
Indispensable for fine grinding work, for grinding small parts and in awkward spots. Longitudinal grinding, mini circular grinding / polishing, cutting and grinding with a flexible shaft - all with just one tool !

The Mini-Max Accu 28V is the ideal on-site grinder for all abrasives such as Shaft Mounted Abrasives and our Mini-Fix-Klett hook & loop System.

MINI-MAX Accu 28V - Technical and order information

Part-No. Type Description

Mini-Max Accu 28V Cordless Set

Mini-Max Set
Mini-Max Accu 28V Cordless Multifunction Grinder
Technical Data:
220-240 V ~50 Hz (or 110 V~50-60 Hz) charger, 28V Motor, 3.0 Ah Li-Ion batteries. Speed 3000 rpm, weight including battery 3.6 kg.
Set Content:
Mini-Max Accu 28V Grinder, complete with sturdy carry case, charger and two batteries as well as: 2 Mini-polishing pastes white & blue, 1 x brilliance clean 30 ml, 1 x Inox protect 30 ml, 1 x microfibre cloth, 1 INOX protect, 30 ml, 1 microfibre cloth, 1 Mini mop wheel, 1 Mini fleece wheel, 1 Mini mix wheel, 2 Mini felt points, 1 Mini-Fix backing pad, 1 Mini-Fix clean disc, 2 Mini-Fix flap discs, 2 Mini-Fix SC-fleece discs
4 Mini-Fix SuperPolish discs

Mini-Max Flexible Shaft
Mini-Max Flexible Shaft
Attachable flexible shaft for very narrow or awkward spots. High quality product with double ball bearing system, length 1300 mm. Connection shaft 6mm, collet 6mm or 1/4".

Mini-Zip Cutting Disc system
Mini-Zip Holder
Mandrel for cutting discs, shaft 6mm
Mini-Zip Cover
Wheel cover guard for discs dia. 75mm
Mini-Zip Disc
Cutting Disc 75x1.8x9.5mm, suitable for stainless steel and mild steel
Handy Tool clamp
Mini-Max fixed into a vice using the tool clamp
Handy Tool clamp, to secure and clamp the Mini-Max machine when used together with the flexible shaft. Simply attach it to a hook or place it into a vice.
The chordless Mini-Max AccuAccessories for Mini-Max grinder
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The Mini-Max is ideally suited to run the following abrasives:

MINI-Fix Abrasives with Velcro Hook & Loop system

Shaft mounted Abrasives
MINI-Fix Abrasives with hook & loop system
Refined fast-swap hook & loop disc system with 100% perfect rotation due to a central locking pin. Our product range includes:

- Mini-Fix Flap discs
- Mini-Fix Cleaning discs
- Mini-Fix Felt polishing discs
- Mini-Mix Combi Wheels
- Mini-Fix foamed Fleece surface conditioning discs

Shaft mounted Abrasives
We offer you a vast range of shaft mounted abrasives to suit your individual application. Our product range includes:

- Mini-Cartridge rolls
- Mini-Mop Flap Wheels
- Mini-Spiral bands and spiral band holders
- Mini-Mix Combi Wheels
- Mini-Cut Magnum cutting wheels
- Mini Wire wheel and pencil brushes
- Mini-Fleece wheels
- Mini-Felt polishing points

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