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Eisenblaetter Made in Germany

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The new generation with 1,750 Watts

From now on the most powerful linear grinder is in a class of its own, exclusively available from 111 Abrasives Australia!
The continuous motor-power and enormous power reserves will increase your productivity.


Flap Disc Range

A showcase on our vast variety of flap discs.

TRIMFIX® HellFire®

Hybrid flap disc: grinds like grit 40, finishes like grit 60!


Tutorial: Mirror Polishing


Tutorial: Tube Polishing


Tutorial: Removal of scratches from pipes and tubes


Tutorial: How to create perfect mitre finish

Tutorial on how to create a perfect mitre finish on stainless steel surfaces using the Poly PTX® 800 machine and abrasives.


MULTI MAX Stationary Grinder/Polisher

A space-saving, multifunctional unit for use in trade and industrial workshops. Finally a machine that makes it possible to use the most diverse abrasives for circular and longitudinal grinding on one machine!

PIPE-MAX Linear and Tube Grinder/Polisher

The new PIPE-MAX for comfortable grinding and polishing from small to large pipe diameters as well as flat surfaces. Newly developed dampening system with gas pressure dampers makes for very easy pipe adjustments and fatigue-free working.

ROLEI BE 5 Deburring Machine

Double-sided deburring of metal sheets in one single operation. Sheet thickness from 0 - 5mm, no additional rework is required after process.

Self-sharpening grinding tools offer a very long service life. Easy to use machine, producing clean, precise chamfers with no opposite burrs!
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